The Journal of Reflective Inquiry (JORI) strives to promote the exploration of research beyond traditional results-oriented academic publishing. Through publication, JORI invites learners to investigate the research process and its societal implications.

JORI is housed in the University Honors Program at North Carolina State University. For information about the University Honors Program, please visit our website: honors.ncsu.edu.

What JORI is:

  • A peer reviewed, academic journal rooted in reflection of the research process
  • A means of examining the larger significance of research
  • Interested in making the research process more accessible
  • An exploration of research’s human element and what it means to be a researcher in a specific field
  • Open to anyone who is engaged in research activities in any discipline, including undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and those not currently connected to an academic institution

What JORI is Not:

  • A publication of summaries of research findings
  • A narrative version of a resume or CV
  • Limited to experiences in formal research settings

Submissions May Incorporate:

  • Comparisons of research practices and philosophies from different settings and disciplines
  • Examinations of engagement with controversies in research
  • Personal reflections that demonstrate what authors have learned about the research process through participation in research.
  • Exploration of the philosophical questions research provokes
  • Demonstrations of creativity in research
  • Discussion of the subjectivity of research