Volume 2 – Issue 1

Editors’ Note

All Hat and No Head: Fitting Researchers as In(di)visible Selves

Gianluca G. Agostinelli

This article explores and complicates contemporary understandings of researcher subjectivity to argue that teachers and academics should, in both their practice and scholarship, embrace and emphasize the influence that their diverse roles and lived experiences have had, and continue to have, on their research and, most importantly, on themselves as researchers. Through critical self-reflection, I suggest that scholars should highlight their plurivocality in an effort to construct and convey a multifaceted, unified self.

Advocacy and Interdisciplinarity: Q&A With Dr. Gregor Wolbring

The Editorial Board of JORI had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Gregor Wolbring, an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, about his wide body of work as an ability governance researcher, a health researcher, a vari-ability/ability/disability studies scholar, a governance of science and technology researcher, a bioethicist, and a biochemist. The following content was produced in part by an in-person interview during his recent visit to NC State University and email correspondence.

False Dichotomies: Bridging Separate Worlds in Research

Matthew Ostrowski

This article follows the author’s research experiences with cotton biology and biosynthetic enzymes, using them to explore insights into the nature of research. Key topics include basic vs applied research, natural vs synthetic systems, and tool development.

Dr. Wight: Brains in Overalls

Jace Bradshaw

Dr. Randal Wight is a tenured professor of psychology at Ouachita Baptist University—a small liberal art, Southern Baptist university in south Arkansas. Wight joined the faculty at Ouachita Baptist University in 1986, and by 1998 he was named dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies—a position he held until 2003. In 2011, he was appointed the dean of the Sutton School of Social Sciences. His most recent publications are in comparative psychology, the psychology of teaching, and the history of psychology.

Black Gold Magic

Liam Dalton

The reflections of a chemistry major on the pervasiveness of oil-based products and the role of chemistry as an impetus of this process.